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Help lead the movement to bury all symbols of white supremacy once and for all. Start your racial justice campaigns to abolish the legacy of white supremacy in this country.

Last weekend, white supremacists swarmed the streets in Charlottesville armed with lit torches and blunt objects to terrorize Black people. This modern-day lynching mob crowded around a Confederate statue, and in honor of the false idol, killed a peaceful protester and critically wounded dozens more. There is no doubt that white supremacists use these statues to validate their racism and violence. Now more than ever, we have to remove all Confederate symbols and emblems to white supremacy. Our local government has a responsibility to protect its Black communities from the kind of terrorism and bloodshed that rocked Charlottesville.

We'll provide you with the tools, assistance, and training to help you take the lead and win this campaign for your local area. We will connect you with an OrganizeFor administrator who can help steer your organizing efforts and win your campaign.