Our Voice Nuestra Voz

OVNV was founded in 2015 with the mission of organizing parents to expand quality educational access for students in New Orleans. We needed to create a more equitable system and we needed to ensure that any reforms, recommendations, or campaigns we executed were grounded in what parents and communities identified as needs. In order to identify those needs, we needed to organize parents and hear their voices.

We started OVNV with just two employees all focused on organizing parents full-time. We worked car lines, conducted parent one-on-one meetings, and whatever else it took to build authentic relationships in the Latino and Black communities. We learned about the obstacles they (we) faced, and through our relationships, helped devise solutions to provide a better education.

The purpose of OVNV is not to set an agenda for parents to adopt, but instead to give parents the tools to set their own agenda for their communities, students, and schools.

Collectively the OVNV team strives to:

BUILD the organizing capacity of parents

BUILD institutional capacity within schools and school systems

BUILD the case for continued engagement