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To: The Claredon County and the State of South Carolina

14 Year Old George Stinney Jr. the youngest person executed

14  Year Old  George Stinney Jr. the youngest person  executed

To name a State Bridge, Highway ,or Park in his honor

Why is this important?

I have a personal inquiry regarding the dark shadow that has hangs over the town of Alcolu; SC namely the execution of 14 year old George Julius Stinney, Jr. was exoneratied 72 years later.. In June of 1944, the bodies of the two young white girls were found 300 yards from the back door of my great-great grandfather’s church. On the night of that horrible incident, many of my family members fled Alcolu, by foot from the Klan and their lynch mob.
Today, a memorial headstone sits on private property located on highway 521. I would like the State of South Carolina to rename a state highway, bridge or state park in honor of George Julius Stinney, Jr. Just as the private residents on highway 521 pay their respect daily, the world should never forget this innocent, of young George. Stinney Jr.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I've come to realize the horrible epidemic that the U.S.A has, incriminating young African-Americans for crimes that they haven't committed. There are so many innocent people in jails and prisons that needs to be heard as well.
  • It was wrong what the state of South Carolina did to this kid and now the least they can do is to help to keep his memory alive so that something like this never happens again.
  • Horrific injustice done to a child and all because he was black and the girls were white. Where was the governor and the other powers that be


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