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924(c) Retroactive Fix - 2019

924(c) Retroactive Fix - 2019

Make 924(c) Stacking Retroactive

Why is this important?

This petition has been put together by 924(c) Prisoners for 924(c) Prisoners and we ARE their voice. We support their peaceful petition for a Retroactive Fix to 924(c) Stacking.

On December 21, 2018, Congress enacted the First Step Act which put a stop to the harsh "stacking" provision of title 18 USC 924(c). Previously persons who were charged with several counts of using a firearm while selling drugs or committing a "violent "crime, would receive a mandatory 5, 7, or 10 year sentence in addition to a 25 year sentence for each offense in the indictment after the first 924(c) conviction. This resulted in anywhere between 30 year sentence to beyond 150 year sentence for first time offenders under the statute.

These sentences were handed down regardless of whether any actual violence occurred in the crime; and, disproportionately, Blacks and minorities received the vast majority of sentences for Multiple 924(c) convictions coming from one initial indictment. This is due to the discretion of United States Attorneys in Plea-Bargaining more favorable sentences for white offenders than non-white offenders.

After the passage of the First Step Act, the excessively lengthy sentences can no longer be applied to defendant's convicted under the 924(c)(1)(C) statute as first time offenders; However, the clarification made in the act has not been applied retroactively ( to persons already suffering from 100+ year sentences). Sign on to help us compel Congress to Clearly apply the First Step Act Clarification of 924(c) to prisoners imprisoned under the unjust "stacking" provision of 924(c)(1)(C). It will help bring our Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, Mothers, Daughters and Sons home. Thank You!


52.6% of all 924(c) convictions go to blacks, 29.5% to Hispanics and 15.7% to Whites, but when it comes to Multiple 924(c) convictions 70.5% are to Blacks 6.4% to Whites, and 15.7% to everyone else No Asians known to get convicted of Multiple 924(c)s.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because it’s not fair and my loved ones was sentenced to 61 months for a non violent gun charge 924C 1 and that was the first offense after the attorney bargained a guilty plea. They didn’t act out in violence and got similar time to a violent person.
  • It ain't right
  • Linda sarpy


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