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To: 9Round Fitness

9Round Fitness: Apologize and Pay What I'm Owed!

9Round Fitness: Apologize and Pay What I'm Owed!

Apologize for wrongfully firing me from my job and pay for the time I worked with your business.

Why is this important?

9Round Fitness fired me for exercising my right to protest on the weekend with my partner during our personal time. They made up a policy after firing me requiring all employees to stand for the anthem but I still don't see how such a policy would cover employees in their time off. Either way, 9 Round Fitness needs to apologize for ending my employment for sitting in solidarity with victims of police brutality and systemic oppression.

In addition to an apology, I'm also demanding that 9Round Fitness pays me for the time I did work for them as well. Wage theft, unlike protesting, is illegal. I don't care if I work for an hour, a week, or a year I am to be compensated for my time. Instead of behaving professionally 9Round Fitness has ignored all communication from me in my attempt to receive my just pay. I refuse to work for free even if it is the last thing I'll do, I demand to be paid for my time.

My firing from 9Round Fitness is just another example of the very injustice we are protesting. 9Round Fitness fired me for expressing myself in my own time. They need to apologize for mischaracterizing my protest and firing me and they definitely need to pay me what they owe me.

Chattanooga, TN, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • The First Amendment -- companies should not be able to arbitrarily curb personal freedom of expression when it does not take place during the workday.
  • It is too easy to not take action and help others.
  • We are stronger together.


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