To: Everyone who believes in democracy has a responsibility to preserve our freedoms and constitutional rights!

ARREST Marjorie Taylor/all her congressional cohorts for treason!

Insurrectionists don't belong in our local, state or national governments, nor in our military and law enforcement agencies! No one in any of these organizations should be voted into office nor hired, unless they have first been administered a complete psychological examination and lie detector test! Congress is rife with insurrectionists/their supporters! There is no longer any form of a Republican like Lincoln! It is time to sweep congress clean, and every government agency (local, state/national) by arresting all such criminals!

Why is this important?

Our founding fathers were imperfect! The Bill of Rights was not honored by those who enslaved people. Yet the purpose of creating a 'more perfect union' was noble. It is up to each of us to preserve our live, liberties, and the pursuits of happiness under the law. Tho' I don't agree with Liz Cheney's policies, I admire her honorable participation in the hearings. President Biden must enact NOW legislation with the help of the senate which protect our democracy, and all promised therein. He must also immediately put forth at least 4 more justices to serve on SCOTUS!
My ancestors fled England and came to our shores to end the slave trade! One of my ancestors died as a captured union soldier during the Civil War! If we believe in 'a more perfect union' then we must do everything in our power to preserve, protect and enhance laws that serve to promote all that is good and honorable!