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To: All athletes who are asked to appear on the network.

#Blackout: Athletes Boycott ESPN

Tell the players to decline any appearances on ESPN until Jemele Hill's suspension is lifted and she's allowed to return to air!

Why is this important?

Jemele Hill was recently suspended by ESPN for commenting on the pressure added to players by Jerry Jones's recent comments on the protests against police brutality taking place during the national anthem. Her comments have been mischaracterized as a call for a boycott when she went out of her way to write that she was not personally advocating for a boycott. ESPN then went on to suspend Jemele Hill for two weeks for what term is a violation of their company policy. Apparently now, it is against the journalistic standards of ESPN to have Jemele Hill discussing the way other people may decide to voice their displeasure towards a corporate partner.

This suspension is not happening in a vacuum, this comes as Trump is using his office to attack Black players for taking a knee in protest to police brutality. Jemele Hill's tweets on a boycott were about ways people could protest the Cowboys backing Trump's demands while not punishing or denigrating the players themselves as Trump already has. ESPN had already attempted to remove Jemele Hill from the air after she honestly responded to Trump directing racism towards players beforehand. It is clear that instead of supporting its employees as they respond to racist attacks from the highest office of the land, ESPN and their partners, are submitting to the demands of Trump, and punishing employees for protesting police brutality and systemic oppression.

Jemele Hill is being punished for speaking honestly, and discussing how difficult it must be for Black players under attack by the President, and employers, for protesting police brutality that affects Black people in America. It is time for players to have Jemele's back the way she had theirs. We're supporting Jemele Hill and asking players to stay off of ESPN until she is returned to the air.

ESPN cannot function without Black labor. ESPN cannot air shows without Black players. Instead of acknowledging the concerns of the people the enterprise depends upon ESPN suspended Jemele Hill to protect their partner the NFL, who's carrying the Trump agenda. We can no longer participate in a system that refuses to honor our right to express the worth of our lives. Sign in solidarity and #BlackoutESPN

Reasons for signing

  • " I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples."
  • We must remain united as a people, despite the constant attacks.
  • Solidarity is the only weapon against injustice.


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