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To: Fire Rescue Medical Director, Michael Lozano, and Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill

Black Mamas Matter! Demand Justice for Crystle Galloway.

Fire the four paramedics, Lt. John "Mike" Morris, Fire Medic Justin Sweeney, Fire Medic Andrew J. Martin, and acting Lt. Cortney Barton who denied appropriate care to Crystle Galloway

Why is this important?

We're the parents of Crystle Galloway. Help us get justice for our daughter, Crystle. The paramedics have their disciplinary hearing this upcoming Tuesday, July 31st. Let Fire Rescue and Hillsborough County know that they should be fired. We also hope they take steps to make sure this doesn't ever happen again to anyone.

Our daughter's life is worth more than them being suspended -- Crystle might have been with us and with her two daughters and her baby son now if they had treated her like any other person. She died leaving behind a newborn after paramedics failed to give her standard care and take her in an ambulance. She was suffering complications after just giving birth. But after calling 911, she didn't get the medical help she should have had.

The paramedics failed to check her vital signs. Later, they even falsified what happened by logging the call using a code meaning "Non-transport/no patient found". They should be fired, not just suspended.

Our daughter had just given birth and was having complications just days after. My 7 year old granddaughter found her unconscious, slumped over. When we called 911, the paramedics didn't want to take her because they "thought we couldn't afford it". They didn't even ask if we had insurance (which we do).

This is racism. When the paramedics came, they took one look at our skin color and decided they didn't want to touch her. We had to rush her ourselves but it was too late. They didn't think she looked "critical".

What color do we have to be to get help?

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Tampa, FL, USA

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