To: Advertisers on Fox News

Boycott Companies that Advertise on Fox News: Who support racism in exchange for profit

Boycott Companies that Advertise on Fox News: Who support racism in exchange for profit

Stop paying Fox News to advertise your products. There are numerous other platforms companies can advertise on that are not blatantly racist, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynistic, and conspiratorial. By you giving money to Fox News you are complicit in what they represent and the values they espouse. You must come to understand that there are things more important than money, and you will lose your customer base if you continue to endorse racism and misogyny.

Why is this important?

As a person of color, my life is regularly made more difficult and unpleasant due to the nature of the content propagated by Fox News. Fox News brings out the worst in people by preying on their fears and prejudices, bolstering people's preexisting stereotypes, and espousing and encouraging racist, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynistic, and ignorant behavior. I will not support any company that supports an entity such as Fox News that seems to be in direct opposition to all of my values and thinks of me--and tries to convince others to think of me--as lesser, dangerous, lazy, and unintelligent due to the color of my skin. People may think it is not worth it and they are only making their own lives harder by boycotting because so many companies advertise on Fox News and nothing will change that, but my life is already made difficult by Fox News, including all the companies that support it, so I have no problem taking it upon myself to make decisions that align with my self-interest and may be difficult. If we do nothing, what is going on in society and politics will only continue, so we might as well speak up for ourselves and hit the companies where they'll notice it: the wallets!

Reasons for signing

  • FoxNews Cable, propagation is destroying minds, with lies. Stop the madness.
  • We need to come together as a country, not be divided the way that fox news is always promoting


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