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To: Legislator and Governor

Break Down the Barriers: Bring Automatic Voter Registration to Illinois!

Join me in urging the IL House of Representatives, Michael Madigan (House Majority Leader), Jim Durkin (House Minority Leader), and Governor Bruce Rauner to support Automatic Voter Registration (AVR).

Automatic Voter Registration will allow public agencies to collaborate with the Board of Elections to automatically register eligible citizens to vote. These public agencies collect the same information needed in order to complete a voter registration form. By shifting the responsibility of registering from the individual to the state, we can invest more energy into voter turnout opposed to registration.

80% of the voters who used Same Day Voter Registration in the Illinois primaries would have already been registered through AVR.

Why is this important?

There are several attempts to suppress the voices of people of color not only in the State of Illinois, but across the country. With a great deal of confusion around registration deadlines, application errors, long lines at polling locations, and other structural failures, millions of eligible voters are not making their voices heard in our democratic process.

At Chicago Votes, we organized a group of high school students (on their Spring Break) to travel to Springfield to advocate for AVR. They advocated on behalf of their families and communities who have, on multiple occasions, faced difficulties registering to vote. In addition, many of the students were first-time voters in the Illinois primaries, and despite having all of the appropriate identification needed to register, they were faced with long lines, confusion, and a great deal of frustration.

After listening to the students share their stories with the elected officials, one student asked me what keeps me coming back to this work after three years. He asked, “Why voter registration?”

Kevin, a middle-aged Black man with a felony, keeps me coming back to this work. Kevin, who stated, “My parole officer told me that I cannot register to vote because I have a felony, and if I do it anyways, I will go back to jail” is the reason. Kevin, who didn’t know that his right to vote was restored upon his release from prison, is the reason why I keep coming back to this work.

I am aware that Kevin is one of many eligible voters in Illinois who are not voting due to misinformation. He is the father, uncle, or cousin of a high school student somewhere in Illinois who is excited about the potential of voting, but are told they cannot. If we pass AVR, we will raise the voices and open the doors for people of color who want to participate in our political process, but are constantly faced with barriers every election cycle.

HB4208 and SB250 is currently gaining traction in the IL General Assembly by moving through committees. Join me in telling our elected officials that democracy works best when all voices are included, and Automatic Voter Registration is a step in the right direction. Let’s ensure that this bill is introduced on the Senate floor by signing this petition and showing your support!

Illinois, United States

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