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To: ASSEMBLYMEMBERS KRISTEN WARREN, head of the California Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and Dr. Shirley Weber



Accept my legislative proposal and co-author it to initiate the process for a bill for adoption of a new, representative Great Seal of the State of California.

Why is this important?

It hurts to not see the facts accepted as history.

African Americans were striped from their names like Kunta Kinte in Roots during Slavery and should not be stripped from the seal of the State that carries the name of the black Queen Calafia rooted in the black legacy and history in America. Queen Calafia is the namesake of the state of California and logically should be in her Great Seal.

African Americans and non-African Americans deserve at a minimum a correct California historical record and a non-racist Seal.

African American citizens deserve life, liberty and happiness in what will bear, when accepted, a black person image in the first official seal of a state in the U.S.A.

There are possible legal claims from the censorship of the meaning of California.

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How it will be delivered

Email delivery will be to and Dr. Shirley Webber's senior assistant: and via You may also get your kids involved as a project and call Dr. Weber's office at: (619) 531-7913 or email her assistant at: to request items above.

Reasons for signing

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