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To: Claremont City Council & Pomona City Council

Change Indian Hill Blvd to Tongva Hill Blvd

Change the name of the stretch of road known as Indian Hill Blvd to Tongva Hill Blvd that runs from Holt Ave in Pomona to Armstrong Drive in Claremont.

Why is this important?

The word “Indian” is inextricably tied to these stereotypes in the minds of many people even today. It is an outdated term that must be tucked away in favor of a more proper term. The Tongva people inhabited the Pomona Valley before the Spaniards arrived, and thus, would be paying homage to the people group that once inhabited the land where the road now occupies. We live on a land which was taken by force and where the people were killed to make room for the cities we live in today. We believe it's time we give indigenous people the respect they've deserved for centuries. It's time to change Claremont

Claremont, CA, USA

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