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To: City Commissioners/City Mayor

Renaming Bluford Ave., July Perry Blvd.

Change Bluford Avenue to July Perry Boulevard to honor the life of not only July Perry, but all victims of the Ocoee Massacre, as opposed to that of Bluford Sims who stole land from the victims of said massacre, by forging their signatures.

Why is this important?

Bluford Avenue, for which I have driven down countless times, is named after this town's founder, one Bluford Marion Sims. A former confederate soldier, who was tasked with “redistributing” the land of the massacres’ victims. Moving forward would be renaming Bluford Avenue. For we have seen statues of racists removed across the nation in the past few days, many of us have driven, unknowingly, along one for years. We cannot rewrite history, but we do not have to honor a thief any longer. *Signees must be registered voters of the City of Ocoee*
Ocoee, FL, USA

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