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To: City Manager Mark Danaj

Defund FPD and reinvest in Black communities

Most immediately, defunding the police can look like:

Replace FPD
- With trained social and health care workers to respond to homelessness calls (40% of FPD calls)
- With trained social and health care workers to respond to nonviolent crime
- With dedicated, unarmed personnel for traffic patrol and investigation
- With dedicated, unarmed personnel to respond for property theft calls

- All military gear from FPD and dismantle SWAT
- SROs from our schools
- Animal services from the purview of FPD and into the department of Community Services or Recreation Services

- Into affordable housing
- To bolster existing City of Fremont services in departments of Homeless Services, Human Services, and Social Services
- To bolster the city’s financial support of organizations like SAVE, the Crisis Text Line, Fremont Hospital’s mental health clinic, and more.

- Suspend the use of paid administrative leave for cops under investigation
- Withhold pension and don’t rehire cops involved in excessive force
- Require cops to be liable for misconduct settlements

Why is this important?

We, residents of Fremont, recognize that we are in a moment of uprising in support of the decades-long struggle for Black liberation. A clear mandate has emerged from your constituents: defund the police. Policing in this city, like policing everywhere in America, is an institution that descends directly from chattel slavery. It cannot be reformed, any more than the institution of slavery could be reformed, and any such call betrays a grave complicity with the suppression of Black liberation.

Fremont residents are committed to enacting the changes to our systems to ensure that our city ceases to uphold institutions of white supremacy and violence, and moves toward care, safety, and liberation for all.

We recognize that the end of policing is here. The people of Fremont are ready to meet this moment, and we call on our elected officials to take action to bring the change we need to see. None of us are free until all of us are free.
Fremont, CA, USA

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