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To: Delta Airlines

Delta Airliness needs to eliminate passenger intimidation on their planes

This campaign has ended.

Delta Airlines allowed a passenger on a flight to Allentown, PA to scream and berate non-Trump supporters during boarding without removing the offender. He cursed and harangued the entire plane of passengers without interruption. They need to make a statement rejecting this behavior and make clear their policy on handling these type of incidents in the future. They then need to train their staff on the appropriate response and insure the flying public that they are safe from harassment on Delta Airlines planes.

Why is this important?

No one should be subjected to intimidation on an American airliner while the staff of the plane remains mute and afraid. At some point a brawl on a plane will occur and someone is going to get hurt. Additionally no one should have to consider what airline they use based on the carrier willingness to allow intimidation of passengers to occur. No one should experience this aggressive form of intimidation:


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