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To: Govenor Gavin Newsom and the State of California ,CDC


Demanding the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), and the government, to include elder Prisoner Abdul Olugbala Shakur who has underlying health issues for early release as promised legally in the COVID-19 early release programs and the Emergency Services California Act, Government Code section 8550, must be taken. In 2006, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger used these powers to immediately reduce prison overcrowding in California (CCPOA v. Schwarzenegger (2008) 163 Cal. App. 4th 802).

Why is this important?

This is humanitarian Strategic urgent release for Abdul Olugbala Shakur. This petition demands early release for Abdul Olugbala Shakur as promised in the COVID-19 early release programs and the Emergency Services California Act, Government Code section 8550, by the State of California and Gov Gavin Newsom. Abdul falls with in the target class of section 8550. which is those above the age of 50 who have served more than 30 years of their time and have a strong outside support network. This will help alleviate any additional burden on the system.
Furthermore, Mr. James Earl Harvey (aka: Abdul Olugbala Shakur/C-48884), a Prisoner who has served
40 years, having served 32 plus years in Solitary Confinement/SHU, suffers from heart disease
(A-Fib), making him vulnerable to the current COVID-19 epidemic, which could ultimately lead
to his death. Mr. Harvey has also been married for over 20 years.
In the past six months, due to underlying medical conditions which make them vulnerable to
contracting COVID-19, the (CDCR) released three to five thousand Prisoners. However, based
on state and federal records, the targeted population being released, the non-violent offenders, is
also the class with the highest potential for reoffending/recidivism.
Presently Mr. Abdul Olugbala Shakur is considered a high risk release, which dismisses and/or
ignores the mitigating factors lowering a Prisoner’s high risk status that makes him eligible for
Mr. Abdul Olugbala Shakur’s mitigating factors include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Publication of 10+ books and booklets (available on Amazon).
2. Numerous publications of articles in the San Francisco Bay View National Black
Development of programs/projects:
3. The Emergency Response Network; a plan designed to prepare the Black Community for
natural disasters.
4. The Pan-Afrikan Global Commission Against Hunger: a plan designed to eradicate
hunger and starvation.
5. The ASSATA Alert Network which is designed to locate missing Black Children, as well
as prevent their abduction and/or molestation.
6. The Operation Hip-Hop Rescue: a plan to resolve Black gang violence
7. The Marcus Garvey Study Group: a program to address/transform criminal/gangster
8. A Petition for Institutional-Restitution: a request for restorative justice.
9. Adopt-A-Politically Conscious Prisoners Project: an incentive rooted in the concept of
social-restitution which encourages prisoner’s to give back to their Community and
society as a whole.
10. Supporting Racial Change: course text books for educational institutions.
11. Strategic Early Release Program: Proposed Proposition 2020:
Business Achievements:
1. Wealthy Imports
2. Abdul Shakur Book Publishing
3. T-shirt Apparel
4. Afrikan Meditation and Prayer Beads
5. Organic Paradise
6. Shea butter business
7. Velim Africa’s Secret: co-owner with Adama Shakur (daughter)
Please sign this petition to free elder prisoner Abdul Olugbala Shakur under the California
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), and the government’s COVID-19 early
release program before it’s too late. His life is at risk daily due to his health. Give him a chance
to continue improving and building his communities through his programs and projects on the
outside while he still has time. Thank you for viewing, blessings to all

California, USA

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