To: State Sen. Dan Schoen

Demand for the Immediate Resignation of State Sen. Dan Schoen

Demand for the Immediate Resignation of State Sen. Dan Schoen

We demand you resign immediately from your position within the Minnesota Legislature.

Glaring evidence has been provided of multiple counts of sexual harassment and we will not tolerate it. You've created an unsafe environment for women and shown no remorse. Suspension is not enough, we want you gone.

We will not quit. We will not be silenced. Perpetrators must be held accountable.

We intend to call, email, tweet until you have done the right thing and vacated your seat.

A threat to one woman is a threat to us all.

Why is this important?

It's no secret that Sen. Dan Schoen has a history of sexist behavior. This week, thanks to a brave female legislator, we have undeniable proof of his sexual harassment.

To allow Sen. Schoen to continue to hold his seat is to be complicit in the aid and promotion of sexual harassment and rape culture, which has been normalized in our society.

The time to declare better is NOW. Suspension is not enough, demand Sen. Schoen resign.

Take a stand, believe women and show your support. We must do better, we must create environments that are safe for us. If we allow this to happen in the MN House of Representatives (the People's House) we are saying it's ok everywhere.

Not today. Not tomorrow. Never again. We must remove Sen. Schoen.

State Capitol, Saint Paul, MN, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because women should not be seen as objects when at work, or ever.
  • I signed because when I was sexually assaulted at my own high school, and to read about grown adults doing the same thing... it just tells me that men still think this is okay. The fact that those senators thinks it's okay to do this, and to send texts trying to "have a friendly, humorous conversation with a colleague" is disgusting.
  • People in power positions must use that power to help others, not hurt and disrespect others.


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