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To: Governor Ralph Northam

Demand Governor Northam fund a full count!

Demand Governor Northam pledge to fund a full count of Virginia in the upcoming census.

Why is this important?

The Trump Administration, with help from the Virginia Republicans, will sabotage the Census, which determines funding for programs like Head Start, Medicare and Pell grants, unless Governor Ralph Northam acts to fund a full census count now.

The 2020 Census is being sabotaged by the Trump Administration and Virginia Republicans. Conservatives are refusing to fully fund the census in an attempt to deny Black communities federal funding. Governor Northam is the only person who can make sure Black people in Virginia are fully counted. The Trump administration has limited census outreach funds forcing the Census Bureau to operate on a budget so tight it is impossible for them to get an accurate count--prompting the NAACP to file a lawsuit. Virginia Republicans voted against using state funds to supply the needed money. Now, Gov. Northam must act to make sure we are counted.

Even in 2010, when there were more federal resources, Black and Latinx residents were undercounted and thus robbed of resources that could make our communities healthier and safer. And in 2020, there will be even less federal funding and a real effort to discourage our communities from participating. If Governor Northam doesn’t act to fund a full count now thousands of Virginians will not be counted and communities will lose millions of dollars their communities needs. By signing our petition you are putting Governor Northam on alert -- he cannot allow our communities to be overlooked by the.

In response, states must pick up the slack on funding census outreach. Gov Northam has a duty to ensure census data is accurate. The more accurate the count, the more appropriate funding will be allocated to Virginia. Sign now and demand Governor Northam promises to fund a full census count in Virginia.

Virginia, USA

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