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To: Council Members Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo, and Kevin de León

Demand LA Council Members Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo, and Kevin de León Resign Immediately!

The legacy of Los Angeles City Council has always been driven by and rooted in racist, damaging, and dangerous policies that target poor and working class Angelenos and our Black, brown, Asian, and indigenous community members. City Council President Nury Martinez, and council members Kevin De Leon, Gil Cedillo, alongside LA Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera’s recent comments are vile and reprehensible, while also being crude and loud articulations of what so many already knew. Anti-Blackness and racism by any members of LA City of County officials must not be tolerated.

Why is this important?

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez joined by council members Gil Cedillo, and Kevin de León were recorded making openly racist remarks that were recently leaked to the public. The conversation included describing another councilman's Black son as though he were an "accessory" and that he was "like a monkey". The audio goes on to reveal that she also mocked Oaxacan immigrants and amongst other callous remarks. A day after the audio was leaked, Martinez stepped down from her post as president of the Los Angeles City Council but not from her council seat. Several of their council colleagues and mayoral candidates have also called for this resignation. These remarks reveal the anti-Black motivations at the center of LACity redistricting that have been present the whole time. We must demand the resignations of these Council Members and force tangible commitments from LA City government that makes sure this never happens again. Only with people power, can we ensure these resignations and the implementation of policies that hold racist government actors accountable.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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