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To: Dallas Voters

Eric Johnson must resign now!

Sign this petition calling on Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson to resign in response to his switch to the Republican Party just 4 months after being elected to office.

Why is this important?

Mayor Eric Johnson’s switch to the Republican Party is nothing short of an insult to Dallas voters. This switch is the launch of a selfish and cynical strategy to get his next job at the expense of his current job, the one Dallas voters elected him to do. He is putting politics, and his resume, ahead of the people.

The Texas Republican Party proved it is the party of corruption and crime by voting not to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton. Johnson’s decision to join that party is an embarrassment to him and to our community.

Mayor Johnson has run out on his job, he’s run out on the voters that elected him, and now his time has run out. Eric Johnson must resign now.
Dallas, TX, USA

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