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To: North Carolina State Legislature

Fair Voting Districts Now !

Draw political district maps that are fair and open, avoids racial or partisan gerrymandering!

Why is this important?

North Carolina has a long history of lawmakers drawing voting districts in ways that weaken the political power of voters, especially Black voters. Drawing bad districts can disenfranchise voters, just like the Jim Crow poll tax and North Carolina’s recent election changes that a court said “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

The current NC General Assembly districts were drawn to pack Black voters into a small number of districts and also separate them from progressive whites to prevent “fusion” coalitions from winning more seats in the legislature. A growing coalition is fighting back, just as we are fighting against North Carolina’s voter suppression laws.

Right now, Black legislators and their allies have introduced multiple bills in the NC General Assembly that would reform the redistricting process. The bills complement the litigation and grassroots organizing for fair districts. We must support this effort to make sure voters can pick their political representatives, not the other way around.

We urge the NC General Assembly to adopt a redistricting process that:

-Abides by the federal Voting Rights Act and avoids racial or partisan bias;
-Provides for deep involvement from local communities to ensure that all voices are respected.
-Uses best practices from across the nation to draw district maps that reflect NC's diverse population.

By following these principles, North Carolina lawmakers can protect our voting rights, ensure that Black voters are fairly represented, and create a state that values all voices.

North Carolina General Assembly, West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC, United States

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