To: Kankakee,IL jail system

Free Javan Thompson

Free Javan Thompson

Let an innocent man go for defending his family.

Why is this important?

This man was protecting his family when 4 men came with intent to kill this man in front of his daughter his mother and his father.

Kankakee, IL, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • If he was white, he would be a considered a hero.
  • Because everyone deserves the right to protect themselves. And should not be punished for doing so.
  • Him And His Entire Family Could Have Been Murdered. He Defended His Family As Anyone In His Shoes Would.


2018-03-31 06:16:41 -0700

We did a retrial and he was found guilty yesterday. We trying to figure out how when even the friends of the assailant testified that they were coming with intent to harm. The facts are in the paper, and then they struck again after that shooting one of Thompson's closest friends in broad daylight, but he survived and was able to identify them. Help us understand please?? 😢😢🙏

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