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To: Governor Chris Christie

Gov. Christie: Condemn Hate & Renounce Trump, or Resign!

What do the Klan, Neo-Nazis and Governor Christie have in common? Love for Trump!

Attention Governor Christie:

Your support for Donald Trump's racist, misogynistic and hateful presidential campaign is a slap in the face to our communities of color and our state as a whole.

We demand that you repudiate hate and renounce your support of Donald Trump. If you want to stump for Trump, you MUST resign.

Why is this important?

In a desperate final bid for relevance on the national stage, New Jersey Governor Christie is traveling the country in support of Donald Trump's racist and hateful presidential campaign. The Trump rallies Chris Christie now headlines have become beacons for hate groups and hate speech. By standing with them, Christie is turning his back on the millions of constituents who reject the racism and misogyny that Trump's campaign now embodies. Christie's actions sully what is left of his reputation and our state's as a whole.

Enough is enough. We deserve a Governor who treats us with dignity and respect, not one who aligns himself with bigotry and violent racism.

Governor Christie: renounce Donald Trump or resign!
New Jersey, United States

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