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To: Governor Mark Dayton

Gov. Dayton: Protect Local Control, Veto Preemption!

We call on Governor Dayton to VETO the “local preemption” bill. This bill would take away sick time from over 150,000 Minnesota families, and prevent local governments from addressing the problems facing their communities. We need Governor Dayton to make blocking this bill a top priority.

Why is this important?

HF 600 / SF 580, taken directly from the playbook of corporate lobbyists, would greatly harm our democracy by preventing local governments from addressing the issues facing their communities. Cities need to be able to pass laws that meet their communities' diverse needs -- and only local government can address many of these needs.

This bill is a blatant attempt to limit the power of workers of color, who have been organizing for and winning real gains in our cities to close our worst-in-the-nation racial disparities. And it has real consequences. It would roll back sick time protections for over 150,000 workers, making those workers once again have to choose between a paycheck and caring for their health and family.

Communities have diverse needs that only local government can respond to. It's wrong for corporate interests to have final say when it's local families and communities that will suffer the consequences. Local governments know their communities best and must be able to make decisions for their communities.

We call on Governor Dayton to veto the "local preemption" bill to protect our democracy and our families.

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