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To: Gov. Ron DeSantis

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis - Please freeze rent, mortgages, and utilities

Freeze rent, mortgages, and utilities in the state of Florida.

Why is this important?

"If people cannot work, they cannot afford to pay bills". Recently, thousands of people have been laid off and are left unemployed yet people are still required to pay their bills. In particular, most college students rely on one source of income and now there is no money flowing in to pay our bills. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, people are faced with very hard and confusing decisions: in some instances, people cannot work because of their own immune system and their family household situations. Some organizations and businesses are lucky to resort to online or work-from-home situations but the food and retail industry cannot resort to that option rather they are closing. For example, people have lost their jobs in restaurants, gyms, and bars due to the recent closures. Some are fighting for hours for the stores still open but their paychecks will be negatively affected. Many people are left with no income. Please comment your own situation to raise awareness and to show the importance of this matter.

Florida, USA

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