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To: State Attorney Bernie McCabe

Justice for Markeis McGlockton

This campaign has ended.

File homicide charges against Michael Drejka for the senseless and careless violence that took place in Pinellas County against Markeis McGlockton.

Why is this important?

The controversial Florida Stand Your Ground law has sprung up again. This time the victim was 28 year old Markeis McGlockton, who was shot and killed in front of his partner and children over an altercation regarding a parking spot.

McGlockton, who was a black man, came out of the convenience store to find 47 year old Michael Drejka, who is a white man, in a threatening stance against his partner and children, arguing over the parking spot. Naturally, in defense of his family, McGlockton pushed Drejka away from the car and then backed away...but then, tragically, Drejka shot him. He later died from the injuries.

Now, once again a family is without a father and a community is left to question: when will Black Lives Matter?

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has refused to file charges and therefore Drejka, a cold-blooded killer, roams free, while a family grieves. We are calling on State Attorney Bernie McCabe to do the right thing and file charges immediately!

Pinellas County, FL, USA

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If you are able, please contribute to the family fund and please share it widely with your network.

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Thank you for signing! Also please contact the state attorney using this action form:

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