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To: City of Homestead, FL Government

Justice for Sabrian the Mentor

Justice for Sabrian the Mentor

Fire and detain ALL officers involved in wrongfully threatening, beating, punching, and/or kicking Homestead Civilian Sabrian Bruton leaving him with permanent damage: Officer Christian DeJohn, Officer Eileen Calvo, Officer Kevin Carvajal, Officer Engelburt Guzman, Officer Carlos Lago, and Officer Shavar Simmons.

Why is this important?

Prior to this horrific situation, Sabrian founded a local organization that he named "Push For Greatness" dedicating his time to keeping kids on track with school, organizing events for his community, and mentoring at-risk youth.

All of this changed on July 6th, 2018 at 2:00 pm while Sabrian was driving in his car and ended up being pulled over by the Homestead Police. He later learned he was pulled over for having a license plate cover.

Sabrian was greeted by Officer DeJohn who approached the vehicle by pointing his firearm at Sabrians face. A second officer, Eileen Calvo, arrived on the scene and DeJohn eventually put his gun down but the situation continued to escalate anyway. After running his information, officer DeJohn approached Sabrian with his gun drawn and officer Calvo began driving towards him. The officers closed in on Sabrian giving him no choice but to run for his life. 4 more cops rushed to the scene to help the first 2 track him down. Once they found Sabrian 4 cops, Kevin Carvajal, Engelburt Guzman, Carlos Lago, and Shavar Simmons, brutally gang beating Sabrian. After beating and kicking him, Sabrian was cleared by fire rescue at the scene to be taken to the jail cell despite having facial blunt force trauma that later required surgery. He should have been taken to the hospital right away. He was instead taken to the Homestead Police Station jail cell and denied ANY MEDICAL ATTENTION for nearly over an hour. It’s a miracle that Sabrian is alive today.

Unfortunately, the City of Homestead has yet to equip the police department with body cameras. Most of the officers involved still work for the police department.

Donate and find more information on his case via Sabrian's GoFundMe:

UPDATE DECEMBER 2021: Beginning January 2021, the City of Homestead Police Department will be implementing body cameras for ALL officers.

Reasons for signing

  • He deserves justice, he’s been serving the community his whole life plus giving back. He’s a true definition of a pillar.
  • Sabrian deserves justice
  • The right thing to do


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