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To: District Attorney Sharen Wilson



All charges—against Crystal Mason—to be dropped and that there are proper steps taken to ensure all incarcerated people and formerly incarcerated people on probation or parole are aware of their inability to vote while they are on supervision.

Why is this important?

Mass incarceration is being used as a way to enforce the "Three Fifths Compromise," since in the United States of America people of color are incarcerated at a disproportionate rate and are then prohibited from voting. An estimated 6.1 million Americans are disenfranchised by felony convictions.

Crystal Mason, is one of those people!

Crystal was never told that having a felony conviction and being on supervision meant that she couldn’t vote under Texas law—so on November 8, 2016 she attempted to vote. But her name wasn’t on the list of registered voters, so she filled out a provisional ballot, which was eventually flagged. Crystal was later informed that her vote didn’t count, but they didn’t give her more details. She didn't find out the reasons why until she went to her scheduled meeting with her probation officer—she was arrested for voter fraud.

On March 28th 2018, State District Judge Ruben Gonzalez—a conservative republican judge—sentenced Crystal—a black woman—to five years in prison for attempting to be a good citizen by exercising her voting rights, while a white woman in Iowa was sentenced to probation and a $750 dollar fine for attempting to vote twice for Donald Trump.

Let's demand that DA Wilson—who on her website claims that her staff approaches each case with a commitment to compassion, yet she has shown no compassion towards Crystal or her children—drop all charges against Crystal Mason!!

Tarrant County, TX, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • If a provisional ballot is not considered or counted as a vote under their state law she technically didn't not even commit the crime! If being ignorant to her legal ability to vote but then does, at the suggestion of a polling staff member (prosecutions witness), she had trust in the polling staff member that she was doing what she should do. Unreal that any judge in his right mind would have charged her, let alone sentence her so harshly.. Prayers and good luck Crystal!!!
  • I am disgusted with the many people in power. Crystal deserves love, respect, compassion and not oppression godman it! STOP THIS!
  • I feel so bad for Crystal. After how amazing she was to start a new life for herself and her family, only for everything to be ruined by a racist and cruel society. The examples of the much less severe punishments given to white women when faced with the same charge clearly show the discrimination in this situation. I am white and I am disgusted at the privilege we still have over black people in twenty first century. Society as a whole needs to be reformed!


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