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To: Ramsey County Attorney, John Choi


Drop all charges against Natalie Pollard.

Why is this important?

Natalie Pollard was incarcerated (while pregnant) for 28 months for trying to protect herself from an abusive man, not only did she have to give birth in prison (which is an issue all in itself) she had to spend over 2 years in that hell for simply trying to stay alive.

With no prior criminal history, Natalie was arrested, charged and found guilty of the second degree unintentional murder of her abusive partner, Obinna Nwankpa. Natalie had called the police at least on three previous occasions on Obinna who also had a history domestic violence in two other states.

In March of 2016 Natalie was sentenced to 10 years, however the Minnesota Supreme Court later reversed the Ramsey County District Court's conviction. Natalie's conviction was vacated, but the Ramsey County attorney’s office decided to retry her.

She has taken a plea deal and is expected to be sentenced on May 7th but we are urging County Attorney Choi to drop the charges against Natalie.

The only reason why she agreed to accept the plea she was offered was because she feared taking the case to trial and risk being sentenced to 20 years, but she should not have a criminal conviction for protecting herself. She should not have to live with the burden of having a criminal conviction for the rest of her life.

All charges against Natalie Pollard should be dropped, the criminalization of women who are victims of domestic violence needs to end!! The War on Black People needs to end!!

Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

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