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To: Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, County Commissioners: Al French, Josh Kerns, Mary Kuney

Killology Kills Black People: Ban the Training in Spokane County

Killology Kills Black People: Ban the Training in Spokane County

Cancel the October 28th Mindset Bootcamp training with Dave Grossman, the founder of Killology training. Disavow his "warrior" mindset in ACTIONS as well words. Prohibit the use of public funds and public facilities for this and any other aggressive law enforcement training that unfairly targets the Black community.

Why is this important?

Killology training is in direct disregard for the relationship law enforcement agencies say they wish to build with the Black Community..

Black men are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement, especially when it comes to use of force. Killology training will further endanger Black lives by providing law enforcement with mindsets that directly violate training laws that call for de-escalation.

Further, law enforcement actions do not reflect law enforcement’s words. During a May 28th, 2020 Black Lens News: Conversation In Black interview, Chief of Police Meidl spoke to the absolute importance of bringing the Black community and police together by building relationships. Yet, killology training is scheduled in Spokane County. Allowing this training isn’t a simple lapse of judgement. It is representative of the fundamental aggressive tactics that exist in law enforcement culture.

SPD has stated that no city officers will use city funds nor are they registered for training. SPD is putting the blame solely on the shoulders of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department. There’s a saying:

"There are no good cops until the good cops hold bad cops accountable.”

If SPD wishes to play the good cop, then they must hold their fellow law enforcement agencies accountable and assist the community in stopping the Sheriff’s Department from pursuing killology training and ideologies.

When communities and ALL law enforcement agencies strive to actively end aggressive law enforcement culture, the problem will be solved.

Spokane, WA, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because law enforcement needs to learn to de-escalate and work with the community they SERVE, not learn more military techniques and attitudes that lead them to treat citizens, especially Black and Native citizens, like enemies of war.
  • Cops are already an existential threat to the BIPOC population, let's not double down by educating them to view the citizens they are duty bound to protect as the enemy. C'mon folks, this is easy. And if that weren't enough, the horror and abject lack of creativity in naming a seminar "killology" should send chills up your spine.
  • Teaching police that they are being hunted, and have some divine right to chose who lives and dies is the worst propaganda and dehumanizing campaign a state can do to its citizens. There is no doubt this class leads to an extreme spike in use of force by police.


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