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To: Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC and Martin Baron, Editor In Chief, The Washington Post

Make Stacey A Moderator!

Black women have long been the most consistent voters of the Democratic party, yet we frequently see that black women are not represented in who is chosen to moderate Democratic Presidential Debates. We need someone who can demand the answers Black women need from elected leaders. Make Stacey Abrams a moderator in the Atlanta, Georgia debate hosted on November 20th.

Why is this important?

Black people are suffering the consequences of a sustained and concerted effort to deny them their right to representation in states all over the nation. As we saw here in Georgia these efforts have resulted in concrete harm to Black communities. These attacks on democracy allow politicians to continue to target our communities for exploitation and neglect.

We need someone who will make the candidates answer to the long-running campaign to damage our democracy by denying Black people their right to representation. We need a moderator who will make the candidates answer the unique challenges of people who are facing multiple aspects of oppression as they navigate their lives and participate in society.

Stacey Abrams knows the tactics used by officials like Brian Kemp in Georgia to deny Black electoral power. Sign today and demand the President of MSNBC and Editor-In-Chief of The Washington Post, name her as a moderator in the Georgia debate on November 20th. With Stacey Abrams as a moderator we can guarantee candidates will be forced to propose solutions for everyone in Georgia.


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