To: Congress

Manuel Ellis Equal Justice law

On 3/3/2002 Manuel Ellis was shot to death beaten hogtied and put on a split hood by Tacoma Washington..police officers..He was a unarmed Black man with mental problem..who did not resist..arrest..Congress please pass a law called the Manuel Ellis law in The state of Washington That says No one in law enforcement may shot or tase..anyone who hands are up in the air..who is unarmed..who doesn't fight back..who has mental problems..who is necked..or who has PTSD.. who does not carry a weapon or enforcement may not shoot anyone with a colored water gun yellow green or orange that's a child..Guns. aren't orange or green or yellow or made of thin plastic as water guns are.

Law enforcement must provide mental counseling and intervention stable Housing for civilian and Veterans..who have mental problems

Why is this important?

On 3/3/2002..Mr Manuel Ellis did not resist arrest he had a conversation with the Tacoma Washington police officers..before they beat tased.hogtied.and put a split hood over his head Tacoma Washington police department is known for their cover your ass policy..meaning they remove facts or evidence of their wrong doing..I mean they actually call the Judge before every case of any Black person ..often making deals by phone on how The case will go .and although The courts provide a court attorney..The decision is already made because of Tacoma Washington cover your ass policy of The Tacoma Washington police department. In the state of Washington so although facts are provided to help The Black person..The Tacoma police department and The district attorney often throw any paperwork away ..AND Often violate the Human civil rights Of any one Black..This is The Tacoma Washington police department policy..
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