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To: President Trump and Congressional Representatives

No HUD Cuts!

1. Stop Trump’s proposed $7 Billion cut to Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
2. Full funding of Public housing, Section 8, and other federal programs that support
low income tenants and home buyers,
3. End federal guarantees of Blackstone and other private equity landlords
4. Expand permanent affordable housing to meet the need and create necessary
revenue through taxing real estate speculation and luxury developers

Why is this important?

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are threatening to cut more than $7 billion in HUD funding and plan to eliminate the CDFI fund. These programs are essential to supporting low-income people across the country. These cuts will specifically target low-income people, especially people of color and immigrants living in public housing or receiving rental subsidies.

The cuts are mainly toward public housing, but programs like Housing Choice Vouchers, CDBG, and HOME that low-income people in both rural and urban areas rely on will also be targeted. Treasury's CDFI fund that helps low-income people become homebuyers will be completely eliminated.

For specific data how these cuts will affect your city:
For more information:

How you can get involved (besides signing this petition):
1. Call or email your Senators and Representatives for your region.
2. Join us for the Tenant March on Washington on July 12th!


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