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NYCHA ignores serious repair complaint in order to focus on gentrification

Stop the New York City Housing Authority(NYCHA) from using minor Housing Quality standards (HQS) violation to force Section 8 tenants out of the Housing Assistance Program. Allow tenants to receive a copy of the Inspector's inspection report. Allow tenants the right to challenge Automatic Transfers issued under the failed HQS; especially when the violations are listed as a level 1 and Level 2 under the Uniform Physical Condition Standards for Vouchers (UPCS-V) in accordance with HUD guidelines. NYCHA must stop denying tenants the right to access their own records.

Why is this important?

NYCHA has been assisting investors with gentrification and aiding them in denying Section 8 tenants their Rent Stabilization rights.When the City and State Retirement Fund is invested into the property- New York Public Authority Law 2429-rentals should apply; which gives the Section 8 tenant rent stabilization rights. NYCHA moves to evict the tenant using HQS because a Section 8 tenant doesn't have the Private Right of Action and isn't 3rd party to the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract; and therefore the eviction can't be challenged in a court of law.


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