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To: Seaway Printing Company, United Mailing Services, USPS

Petition: Demand to know who sent Nazi propaganda to Green Bay homes

Petition: Demand to know who sent Nazi propaganda to Green Bay homes

The sender of the Nazi propaganda mail piece should identify themselves. If they refuse, Seaway Printing Company should identify the sender.

Why is this important?

On October 28th, residents across Allouez and East Green Bay received a concerning bulk mail piece featuring Nazi propaganda: a white figure doing a Nazi power salute plus an anti-Black Lives Matter political message. The mail piece was sent to our homes where our children to see. Recipients deserve to know who sent it and why.

The sender did not put their name on the mailer, likely because he/she/they knew it was incendiary and intimidating. The content of the mail piece was explicitly political, yet there was no “paid for by” disclaimer included which is required by election law if it were sent by a political committee. If it was sent as commercial mail, then what exactly is this anonymous business trying to sell us?

The only identifying information on the postcard was a bulk mail permit from the United Mailing Services in Green Bay, who when contacted said they “wash their hands” of any responsibility. They directed us to the printer, Seaway Printing Company, and the U.S. Postal Service, who apparently reviewed the mail piece. None of the groups contacted would disclose who sent it and all abdicated responsibility for their role in circulating Nazi propaganda in our community.

We the undersigned do take responsibility for our community, and we refuse to allow fascism and racism to find refuge here. We demand to know who sent this mailer and if any election laws were violated in the process. We ask the sender of this mailing to come forward and identify themselves so we can continue the conversation they started with the mailer. We also request that the United Mailing Services and Seaway Printing refrain from printing and sending unidentified fascist propaganda to our homes—no one should profit off of racist intimidation.

The mailer is the latest in a pattern that indicates white extremism is on the rise in our region, and we are concerned about the safety of community members—especially Black and Indigenous people of color. The Southern Poverty Law Center has identified 15 active hate groups in Wisconsin alone. Green Bay’s own city council member Chris Wery invited white extremists to our community in response to Black Lives Matter protests: We deserve to know if one of these hate groups sent the mailer.

Please call the organizations that participated in the mailing to demand more information. And include a comment with your street name and zip code to let us know if you received this mailing—we are mapping recipients.

Seaway Printing Company
Kevin and Lynn Heslin, President and Vice President

Kevin Calaway, General Manager
Green Bay Branch, United Mailing Services

Tim Lewis, Green Bay Postmaster

USPS Lakeland District
Deborah Woodrum, Manager
Bob Sheehan, Customer Relations

Green Bay, WI, USA

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