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To: Voters of Louisiana

Pledge to abolish Louisiana's non-unanimous jury

Pledge to abolish Louisiana's non-unanimous jury convictions by voting to require a unanimous jury this fall.

Why is this important?

This fall the state of Louisiana has an opportunity to guarantee a fairer criminal justice system for the people of Louisiana. The Louisiana State Legislature has approved a ballot initiative to end split jury verdicts, requiring a unanimous jury decision to secure a felony conviction. Split jury verdicts in Louisiana is a policy that traces its legacy back to Jim Crow, now we can act to abolish this law.

After years of organizing from community advocates the Louisiana Senate has placed a referendum on the ballot that would require a unanimous jury verdict for a conviction, now it is our responsibility to end this Jim Crow policy. Louisiana is one of only two states that do not require a unanimous jury for a felony conviction. Prosecutors in Louisiana have been taking advantage of this law born out of racism and unsurprisingly the result is a state that sees Black people incarcerated at terrible rates.

This fall the people of Louisiana will be able to dismiss this policy born of Jim Crow. This Fall presents a historic opportunity for the Black people here in the state now.

48 other states and the federal government require unanimous verdicts and we should, too.

This fall we can make sure Louisiana moves past the policies of Jim Crow. We can vote this Jim Crow policy out this fall, sign now to take the pledge and make sure to tell your family and friends to do so as well. Get registered and help us make Louisiana a more just place for everyone.

Louisiana, USA

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