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To: Gov. Snyder

Real Home Inspections for Flint!

Carry out real and thorough lead inspections on the homes in Flint.

Why is this important?

Flint is being poisoned with lead and community members are still being disparaged and dismissed by the state of Michigan. Gov. Snyder promised the people of Flint that the state would conduct home inspections to assure their safety from further lead poisoning. Instead of following through people in the city of Flint are reporting the state inspectors simply looking at houses from the outside and assuming they’re safe.

A report from the University of Michigan has determined what we’ve known since the beginning of this lead crisis-- Gov. Snyder is responsible for the lead poisoning of thousands of Flint’s children. Instead of acting when the people of Flint first reported lead poisoning the Governor and state agencies he controls insulted residents while poisoning their children. Now the same agencies under Gov. Snyder are doing the bare minimum to address the pain and damage they caused.

Black people in Flint deserve genuine efforts to prevent their children from being poisoned by lead. Lead poisoning in young children leads to issues in learning and behavior. Gov. Snyder and the state of Michigan has already irreparably damaged the lives of thousands of Black children. By neglecting to carry out lead inspections in earnest Gov. Snyder and the state are continuing to attack our families and our future. Real inspections of homes in Flint would give Black parents the best chance of making sure their children can have the best possible future for themselves.

Flint, Michigan is ground zero in showing the ways environmental racism is used to attack the Black community. Gov. Snyder and the state of Michigan knew they were poisoning Black children and did not care. Only once people in Flint organized and advocated their way into the national conversation did the state pretend to show concern. Now, Gov. Snyder and Michigan have decided to do the bare minimum and punish the people of Flint, again.

Michigan, United States

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