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To: Twitter

Reinstate Bishop Talbert Swan

Reinstate Bishop Talbert Swan

Reinstate Bishop Talbert Swan’s Twitter Account @talbertswan

Why is this important?

Bishop Swan was a strong voice of resistance against racism, white supremacy, and in justice. He was an uncompromising in challenging hypocrisy and advocating for the most vulnerable.

Twitter suspended his account without notice because of the complaints of right wing racist and Trump supporting bots and trolls would choose to him of racism for his candid condemnation of bigotry.

Bishop Swan had over 70,000 followers and was a leading voice of the resistance. He had a verified account and was an influencer on the social media platform.

Reasons for signing

  • Bishop spoke out against hate and racism. He should not be banned for that. This is wrong and Twitter need to ashamed of themselves gf or keeping Trump, infowars, and all the other hateful rhetoric that these accounts spew. This is very racist


2018-09-06 10:07:20 -0700

Bishop Swan's account was reinstated by Twitter on September 4, 2018. Thank you so much for your support!!!!

2018-09-02 06:20:50 -0700

100 signatures reached

2018-08-29 19:46:54 -0700

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