To: Arlington County Circuit Court

Removal of Elected Members of the Arlington Public School Board for Reckless Child Endangerment

Removal of Elected Members of the Arlington Public School Board for Reckless Child Endangerment

Pursuant to VA Code § 24.2-233, we, the undersigned, are filing this Petition with the Arlington Circuit Court against Barbara Kinnanen, Nancy Van Doren, Reid Goldstein, Tannia Talento and Monique O’Grady for reckless actions perpetrated under official endorsement as members of the Arlington Public Schools Board, specifically with regard to their support of the venue chosen for Arlington Public School students to conduct the National School Walkout, as well as other callous actions, reflecting systemic failures in a deliberative process in decision-making.

The venue, Memorial Field at Washington-Lee High School, is a venue identified to them by the most knowledgeable, local subject matter expert on counter terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures, as posing a highly elevated vulnerability specifically to state-sponsored because of its location in the National Capital Region, and tactical advantages it provides to a state-sponsored terrorist to inflict a harm that would be the worst school gun violence tragedy in the nation’s history, with a death toll of at least one hundred casualties and scores of wounded.

Pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-371.1 (A), “Any parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the care of a child under the age of 18 who by willful act or omission or refusal to provide any necessary care for the child's health causes or permits serious injury to the life or health of such child shall be guilty of a Class 4 felony. For purposes of this subsection, "serious injury" shall include but not be limited to (i) disfigurement, (ii) a fracture, (iii) a severe burn or laceration, (iv) mutilation, (v) maiming, (vi) forced ingestion of dangerous substances, or (vii) life-threatening internal injuries.”

Moreover, Pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-371.1 (B), “Any parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the care of a child under the age of 18 whose willful act or omission in the care of such child was so gross, wanton and culpable as to show a reckless disregard for human life shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony.”

The abuses of discretion, and actions, arbitrary and capricious evince a determined political objective in careless disregard for the obligations of the members of the Arlington Public School Board, as well as their determinate efforts to ensure that no security measures be emplaced before their actions in sanctioning the choice of Memorial Field for the National Walkout Day event, and suggests a willful intent to act out in spite of a particular candidate and particular ideological viewpoint regarding school safety.

After the filing of this petition, pursuant to VA Code § 24.2-236, we, the undersigned further recommend that the current members of the Arlington Public School Board be suspended from their elected offices and relieved of all official duties until an adjudication regarding this grave matter is decided in a court of law.

Why is this important?


Major Mike Webb is a retired Ranger and Major with a commission from the United States Army Reserve. He enlisted as an Infantryman, becoming acquainted with small unit tactics during Operation Desert Shield, served with the elite Ranger Regiment for 2 years, before being recommended for attendance at the Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia.

He was commissioned as a Military Intelligence Officer after training as a Tactical Intelligence Analyst at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where he served as the Class Leader, and, breaking precedent, was immediately assigned thereafter assigned to the agency on Fort Meade, MD responsible for all Army Counterintelligence in the continental United States. While assigned to Fort Meade, he was the Officer I Charge who stood up the CI Operations Cell in response to both the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building and the pipe bomb attack at the Atlanta Summer Olympics, and he was solely responsible for coordination of the real world CI for the Advanced Warfighter Experiment (AWE)/Task Force XXI, the field testing of the initiative to digitize the modern battlefield.

No current school board member nor any law enforcement officer has Webb’s training or experience, as he has almost 20 years of experience in counter terrorism tactics and force protection.


On August 31, 2017, Major Mike Webb, on a visit to Washington-Lee High School to counteract an attempt by the Arlington County School Board to remove the name of Robert E. Lee from the name of that educational institution, as a kneejerk reflex to the tragic events in Charlottesville, visited the adjacent headquarters of the Arlington Public Schools and was alarmed when he discovered that the main entrance door was unlocked and the security desk was abandoned, presenting an opportunity for any hostile threat to act against that school facility and its personal, creating heightened risk for property destruction, grave bodily harm and loss of life. He immediately contacted the Arlington School Board, as well as the Arlington County Police, regarding the security failure, but, to date, it remains unaddressed, even during evenings when members of the public, school board members and staff are vulnerable to attack behind a closed door with no view to a blind hallway to which anyone has access.

In substantiation to the allegation that the Arlington Public School Board decrees policies and procedures without any semblance of a deliberative process, the attempt to rename Washington-Lee High School became the subject of public comment at a meeting that prompted Barbara Kinnenan, the Arlington Public School Board Chairman, to issue a public statement of assurance that no decision had been made regarding the naming of the school, despite the standing up of an online petition by a former alumnus, Waleed Shahid, a professional agitator for The Nation, substantiated by shoddy research and misconstrued facts, but highly promoted by Scott Broadbeck, the Digital Editor of ARL Now, one of the major local newspapers. Despite the public assurance by Dr. Kinnanen that the Arlington School Board had no predisposition for renaming the high school, but rather to conduct a review of all school names, nearly 8 months after the fact, no committee or meeting has been established for a comprehensive review of the names of all school facilities, and the issue of renaming the Washington-Lee High School remains the predominant issue in the press, while the Shahid online petition on OrganizeFor.Org has gathered approximately 814 signatures to date, in addition to a supplemental petition on Change.Org that was closed after gathering 20 signers.

Under the leadership of Dr. Kanninen, the School Board continues to proceed with a purpose to implement policy without any evidence-based rationale, particularly with regards to school safety, similar to a recent resolution drafted by the Alexandria City School Board in response to the recent Parkland High School gun tragedy in Florida that cited to casualty and injuries not substantiated by statistics from the Bureau of National Crime Statistics nor the Department of Homeland Security, and Major Webb’s report to the Arlington County School Board regarding failures have yet to be addressed.


On October 3, 2017, immediately after the mass gun violence tragedy in Las Vegas that resulted in the loss of 50 lives, Major Webb, who possessed considerable military experience in Force Protection and Counter Terror, submitted to the Superintendent, Dr. Patrick Murphy, the Assistant Superintendent, Linda Erdos, the elected members of the Arlington Public School Board, Monique O’Grady, his chief opponent in the Arlington Public School Board race, heavily favored by the Democrat Party hegemonic establishment, Jay Fisette, the Chairman of the Arlington County Board, and Murray “Jay” Farr, Chief of the Arlington County Police Department, a detailed professional intelligence estimate of the threat of a terrorist attack faced by the Arlington Public Schools, located in the high value target engagement area of the National Capital Region, but, apparently preferring to not to provide any encumbrance or disadvantage the electoral success of O’Grady, who had been nominated by the caucus vote of the Arlington Democrat Party Committee and “approved” by the Virginia Education Association, and described by Scott McCaffrey, editor of the Arlington Sun Gazette as the candidate with the greatest grasp of the issues, and endorsed by Lowell Feld, the chief blogger for Senator Tim Kaine’s Blue Virginia, only some recipient parties even acknowledged receipt, but took no further action on the significant findings, conclusions and recommendations in the report.