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To: Alameda Recreation and Parks Commission, City Council

Rename Jackson Park

Rename Jackson Park

Remove Andrew Jackson's name from Alameda's first park

Why is this important?

Over the past three years, a renewed effort to eliminate and remove monuments to white supremacists in public space has taken place throughout these United States and the world. In addition to memorials to the Confederacy, other symbols of colonialism, slavery, and genocide have been removed or come under increased scrutiny.

This past January, parents at Alameda's Haight Elementary School petitioned to rename their school after learning the school’s namesake, Henry H. Haight held bigoted, racist, and xenophobic views. Haight was considered a "strict Jacksonian Democrat" in the 1860s.

Alameda's first park, Jackson Park, should be renamed due to Andrew Jackson's oppression of African and Indigenous or Native American peoples. Specifically:

Jackson enslaved hundreds of African people in captivity at the Hermitage.
In addition to being a slaveowner, he earned the nickname “Indian Killer” for his participation in the murder of indigenous people.
As President, he advocated for the forced resettlement of indigenous people in the Southeast, commonly called the “Trail of Tears.”

So why does Alameda have a park named after Andrew Jackson?

Other communities have recently renaming spaces named after Jackson:
A Salt Lake City School Board recently renamed Jackson School.
Democrats in Virginia recently renamed their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, and
prior to President Trump coming into power, abolitionist Harriet Tubman was set to replace Jackson on the $20.

Alameda should not memorialized President Andrew Jackson with a park.

We want Alameda to drop the name Andrew Jackson and adopt a name that reflects our island's values.

Rename Jackson Park. One suggestion: Justice Park.

Alameda, CA, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • Louis McCall Park? Hackett Park? Tommy Harper Park? of the Year Dontrelle Willis Park? Jimmy Rollins Park? J.R. Rider Park? Melvin Carver Park? Junior Tautalatasi Park? (Willie Stargell already has a street)
  • Remove monuments to white supremacists!
  • Not only everything said about Jackson; in addition this is a missed opportunity for an Alameda History moment. It’s the first park? It should be named “Premier” or “Park Number One” or “Original Park” with a small educational area.


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