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To: Palos Township Trustee Sharon Brannigan

#ResignBrannigan : Hate Has No Home In Our Community, Palos Township!

#ResignBrannigan : Hate Has No Home In Our Community, Palos Township!

We are calling for the immediate resignation of current Palos Township Trustee Sharon Brannigan.

Why is this important?

The hate rhetoric spewed on social media over the past few years by current Palos Township Trustee, Sharon Brannigan, is alarming.

These false and misleading allegations, and the spewing of hateful, racist rhetoric, are not only concerning to the Arab and Muslim residents of the Township, but to all residents who value diversity and the many contributions our diverse communities bring to U.S. society.

Ms. Brannigan launched her most recent assault on Middle Eastern students over social media, writing, “What is Palos doing? Why are all our schools filling with Middle East [sic] students without proper documentation?”

In another post on Facebook, she wrote, “In the 3rd district here in Illinois, our demographics include 25% Muslims of which very few integrate within the communities keeping themselves and their activities hidden from the general population. Everywhere you turn, from Orland Park to Bridgeview, those numbers are increasing in leaps and bounds. We are allowing these people whether they have peaceful intentions or not into our country without question.”

Make no mistake, hate rhetoric spewed from our elected officials during our current political climate is contributing to the spike of hate crimes against Arabs, Muslims, LatinX, Black, LGBTQIA and many other marginalized communities.

We are demanding Brannigan’s immediate resignation, and are asking you to join us! Let's take a stand against hate and make it clear, Hate Has No Home In Our Community!

#TakeOnHate #ResignBrannigan

This effort is led by the Campaign To TAKE ON HATE along with AM Vote, Arab American Action Network (AAAN), Arab American Democratic Club, Arab American Family Services (AAFS), OrganizeFor powered by Color Of Change, Kiswani Law, P.C., along with concerned community members, residents and activists.

Palos Township, IL, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Former District Attorney Seth Williams
  • We need more positive e role models in our community. We don't need leaders who incite fear, hate, & violence. I believe in a diverse community where our highest power is a united front. Bigotry & prejudice only weaken a community and brings fear & violence.
  • Sharon Brannigan of Palos Township demonstrates ignorance and racism. She is unqualified to hold a leadership position anywhere, anytime. Please join me in calling for her resignation or removal.


2017-10-11 12:55:48 -0700

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Just few days after our last protest in September at the Palos Township Meeting, racist Trustee Brannigan issued a public apology that we completely reject. This insincere apology comes after months of organizing and rallying. She refused to apologize back in July, and is only doing so now to try to salvage her political career in the face of immense pressure. This insincere apology is too little too late, we continue to demand her immediate resignation!

You can read our full statement in response to her apology here:

We will continue to protest and demand Brannigan's immediate resignation at every meeting, our next protest is on October 16th and we hope to see everyone there.

Here is the link for the Facebook event page:

Joins us on the 16th, and please continue to share the petition and to raise our demand: #ResignBrannigan.

The Take On Hate Team

2017-09-11 13:20:22 -0700

1,000 signatures reached

2017-08-30 10:02:59 -0700

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last township meeting we mobilized over 100 community members and showed up in force, prompting the Palos Township to cancel their General Monthly Meeting.

The community remains firm about their demand of #ResignBrannigan, and we will be there again September 11th, for the next general meeting.

See event page:

Please continue to share the petition and free up your calendars on the 11th, there is no room for racism, white supremacy and xenophobia in our community.

Together and united we say "Hate Has No Home In Our Community"

See you all soon,
Take On Hate Team

2017-08-07 07:18:12 -0700

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Last week we received news that Palos Township Trustee, Sharon Brannigan, has resigned from the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues after facing heat from Cook County President, Toni Preckwinkle, who clearly recognized the impact of our organizing efforts in challenging Brannigan's xenophobia and racism.This is a HUGE victory and a reminder that when we organize we win.

Make no mistake though, OUR WORK IS FAR FROM OVER!

We will continue to organize until Brannigan resigns her position as a Palos Township Trustee.

Please continue to share our petition and join us on August 14th as we once again rally and protest Brannigan's racism and xenophobia at the Palos Township General Meeting.

Please see event page here and we hope to see you all soon:

Yours in the struggle,

The Campaign to TAKE ON HATE team

2017-08-03 05:12:23 -0700

500 signatures reached

2017-07-20 08:31:51 -0700

100 signatures reached

2017-07-19 19:02:10 -0700

50 signatures reached

2017-07-19 16:35:57 -0700

25 signatures reached

2017-07-19 16:08:58 -0700

10 signatures reached