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To: Kurt Daudt

Restore the Vote MN 2016

Campaign created by
Jason Sole

The Minneapolis NAACP is calling on Speaker of the House, Kurt Daudt, to lead the GOP House Caucus in introducing a Bill to restore voting rights for 47,000 people on probation/parole for a felony conviction. Sign our petition!

These are Minnesotans who live in the community, work and pay taxes, but are denied a ballot on Election Day. Parents who can’t vote for school board, families impacted by the Justice System who can’t vote for Judges. Some of the most important perspectives and voices silenced due to outdated laws that produce one of the largest racial voting disparities in the country.

Sign the petition and call on legislators to #RestoretheVoteMN! Our communities are counting on them.

Why is this important?

Over 47,000 Minnesotans living in the community working and paying taxes

32,827 are White, 9,045 are African American, 2,822 are Hispanic, 2,765 are Native American.

African Americans in Minnesota make up 5% of the state’s population and 35% of the prison population.

African Americans in Minnesota are seven times more likely to be disenfranchised than White Minnesotans

Minnesota, United States

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