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To: CEO Kevin Johnson

Starbucks: Allow your employees to wear #BlackLivesMatter attire


Why is this important?

Starbucks allows and encourages employees to wear attire that promotes LGBTQ rights. Starbucks even hands such attire out to employees. It's hypocritical for your company to explicitly forbid employees from wearing attire that proclaims that Black Lives Matter.

In the aftermath of George Floyd's murder, it's important for Starbucks to be unequivocal in its support of Black Lives. That's why Starbucks must update its dress code policy.

Starbucks must allow its employees to wear buttons, pins, and other attire that proclaims that Black Lives Matter.

How it will be delivered

If we get a critical mass of petition signers, I'll make sure to deliver this petition directly to the company, addressing the CEO Kevin Johnson and Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity Nziga Shaw.



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