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To: Kentucky Senate

Stop Kentucky Gang Bill HB 169

Stop Kentucky Gang Bill HB 169

Vote no on House Bill 169

Why is this important?

House Bill 169, also known as the 'Gang Bill' pipelines young people into jails and does not keep Kentucky safe. Tell Kentucky: Vote NO on on House Bill 169!

House Bill 169 expands the definition of a gang and would define a gang as three people engaged in a crime, expands crimes of violence not eligible for parole, and reclassifies misdemeanor offense of gang recruitment as a felony. Kentucky is one of four states where residents lose voting rights for life if they have a felony conviction.

Kentucky, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I don't want to live in a state that shoves kids in jail.
  • Because nothing changes until We Do
  • This so called law is an unfair one. Think about what this actually means.


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