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To: Brad Raffensperger, GA Secretary of State

Stop Using Voter Attendance to Purge Voter Registration #LetGAVOTE

Stop using past voter participation to clean up voter rolls.

Why is this important?

How and when a person votes is a personal decision and is their right to exercise how and when they choose. As an activist I've worked with grassroots organizations to register voters and increase voter turn out. In order to increase voter turn out, it is important to understand why registered voters aren't voting. After simply asking this question to several citizens, it is clear that some people choose not to vote because candidates aren't speaking to issues they feel are important. That is their choice and their right! The right to vote is granted to citizens by the Constitution of the United States. It should not be taken away, suspended, or revoked because the Secretary of State has determined that a citizen does not vote enough.

When the Secretary of State decides to purge voter registrations, the responsibility to remedy the problem is placed upon the citizens. The citizens often don't know a problem exists until they go to vote and are denied their right, which ultimately leads to voter suppression. This practice speaks to a broader discriminatory history within the country of using a person's past to discriminate and oppress. Federal law does require voter rolls to be maintained for accuracy. However, other states have found more equitable ways to do this without disenfranchising specific populations. Please share and sign this petition to let Brad Raffensperger, GA Secretary of State, know that we need to end the practice of using past voter participation to clean up voter rolls. If one citizen is denied their constitutional right to vote, that is one too many.

This is a problem in Georgia

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