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To: Governor JB Pritzker

Stop the Construction of an Illinois Youth Prison

Stop the Construction of an Illinois Youth Prison

Stop the development of IYC-Lincoln and close the final 5 youth prisons in Illinois.

Why is this important?

The Final 5 Campaign is dedicated to the closure of the final five youth prisons in Illinois. Should it be constructed, the Illinois Youth Center at Lincoln (IYC-Lincoln) would be one of six fully functioning youth prisons in Illinois for a current population of just 130 youth. The failure of these youth prisons - or “Illinois Youth Centers" as they are officially called - to provide care and respect to young people is unacceptable.

IYC-Lincoln is scheduled to be constructed at a state facility called Lincoln Development Center (LDC) - a facility that closed in 2002 after abuse and neglect, including preventable deaths, were reported. Despite the appalling history of LDC, and the fact that this is planned to be a locked-door, "secure" youth prison, advocates of its construction insist that it will be a "restorative" and "community-based" facility.

To claim that this prison would be community-based is misleading and appropriative of real community-based solutions. With so few youth currently incarcerated, we have an opportunity to build something uniquely transformative. Young people and families deserve resources in their own communities and an investment in non-carceral approaches to harm rooted in healing and restoration. Young people need space to make mistakes and grow without the threat of carceral violence, and resources the state invests in should be grounded in that understanding.

Help us hold the state of Illinois to a higher standard of care for young people. Sign our petition to #StopLDC and support us in pushing for the closure of the other 5 youth prisons in Illinois.

Illinois, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I was a youth in the same Situation 2 years ago ! The way we are treated is un-human like ! HELP THE YOUTH or FACE THE YOUTH
  • Putting our youth in carceral environments increases trauma and promotes dysfunction, we must invest in their care and treatment and in the communities that serve them.
  • Children are not meant to me imprisoned. Give them programs after school before and ask them what they need. Prisons are a sign of a broken window in our community. What positive resolution will we use to address thia issue


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