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To: Miami-Dade County Commission

#StopGimenez And Stand Against Hatred & Racism in Miami-Dade County

#StopGimenez And Stand Against Hatred & Racism in Miami-Dade County

#StopGimenez, stand against Trump, and reinstate the county commission policy of no detainers.

Why is this important?

We won’t stand for hatred and racism in our city.

Last week, Trump signed an executive order threatening to withhold federal money from “sanctuary cities,” cities that do not use their resources to enforce national immigration laws. Trump wants a world where any officer or municipal employee can ask about a person's immigration status.

Miami-Dade County became the first county to bow to Trump as Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez signed his own executive order directing county jails to “fully cooperate” with Trump’s orders.

Miami is the poster child for the touted diversity of the United States, holding the second largest number of immigrants in the country.

We must protect our communities and our families from these dangerous and divisive orders. Tell the Miami-Dade County Commission to stand up against Mayor Gimenez and Trump.

Because of racism and mass incarceration, Black immigrants and immigrants from Caribbean and Central American countries are more likely to come in contact with police and U.S. Immigration and Customs (ICE) officials, get misdemeanor and felony conviction and thus increase their chances of being deported.

We should crack down on developers who displace communities - not on immigrants and the people.

We cannot continue business as usual, we must hold our elected officials accountable now.

In 2013, the county commission adopted a resolution directing the mayor to not honor detention requests unless the federal government would be paying for the jail time.

Commissioners had it right the first time. Tell the county commission: #StopGimenez, stand against Trump, and reinstate the county commission policy of no detainers.

The commission will meet this Tuesday, February 7th, but commissioners haven’t revealed any attempt to overturn the mayor’s order. Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava has hinted at revisiting the policy.

Take a stand for all immigrants. Sign the petition.
This country was founded by people seeking refuge from political and religious persecution. Immigrants, along with native people and people of color, helped to build this country. Now they are being told that they have no place here. Let’s take a stand and demand the county commission fight and resist Mayor Gimenez and Trump.

To: Commissioner Dennis Moss, Commissioner Sally Heyman, Comissioner Barbara Jordan and Comissioner Bruno Barreiro

CC: Mayor Gimenez



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