To: Governor Bruce Rauner

Support Voting In Jail! Eligible voters should be able to vote.

Support Voting In Jail! Eligible voters should be able to vote.

We urge Governor Rauner to sign HB 4469 into law. Democracy works better when more people understand their civic responsibilities. People in jail who are awaiting trial are eligible to vote. HB 4469 sets up a formal process to ensure people have access to the ballot and understand their voting rights are restored upon release. This legislation makes sure our community members who are locked up and most impacted by criminal justice policies, have a voice in electing the people that make decisions on their lives. If HB 4469 is signed into law, Cook County Jail will become the first jail in the country to become an official polling location!

Why is this important?

There are approximately 20,000 people detained in jail pre-trial in Illinois. Those who are citizens have the right to vote in elections. However, without a formal process in place, voting in jail is nearly impossible for people awaiting trial.

 This bill requires county jails and election authorities to collaborate in creating a process that ensures people on pre-trial can cast their ballot during elections.

In any given year, there are approximately 30,000 people who return from prison. Those who are citizens are eligible to vote in Illinois upon release. Yet many of these citizens do not register to vote because they believe that their past criminal conviction disqualifies them.

 This bill requires the Illinois Department of Corrections and each county jail to provide eligible citizens released from their custody a voter registration application.

There are approximately 4 million residents of Illinois who have a past felony conviction, all of whom are eligible to vote. Yet, many of these individuals are not aware of their right to vote.

 This bill requires the Illinois Department of Corrections to provide citizens released from their custody detailed information about their voting rights.

Chicago Votes, Illinois Justice Project, The Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, ACLU, and 38 supporting organizations ask Governor Rauner to support this historic piece of legislation.

Chicago, IL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • It's not right to surpress peoples right to vote.
  • Louise Gross
  • I've signed, because this is just another form of oppression.


2018-08-16 07:46:23 -0700

Today is the day! 10:30am at Joy District! Follow our Petition Drop Rooftop Party #HB4469 or @ChicagoVotes

Press Conference Speakers:
Joy Williams (ChiVotes)
David Orr (Cook County Clerk)
Michelle Mbekeani-Wiley (Shrivers Center)
Will Guzzardi (State Representative)
Robyn Gabel (State Representative)
Quinn Rallins (Illinois Justice Project)
Fresh Waters
Enchanta Jackson (Color of Change)
Kwynn Riley (ChiVotes)

2018-08-15 11:39:35 -0700

Thank you to everyone for speaking up and supporting this important, historic piece of legislation. In typical Chicago Votes style, we are turning up and hosting a rooftop party tomorrow morning to celebrate each person who signed the petition.

WHAT: Protect the Right to Vote Press Conference and Rooftop Party #HB4469
WHO: Chicago Votes and Color Of Change
WHEN: August 16, 2018 @ 10:30 am-1:00 pm CT
WHERE: The Roof at Joy District, 112 W Hubbard St, Chicago IL 60654

27,634 people have officially asked Governor Rauner to sign HB4469 into law without any amendments. A press conference with legislators, influencers, and impacted people will take place promptly at 11 am, followed by celebration and sounds from Chicago's own DJ Evie The Cool! If you are in Chicago come party with us!

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