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To: Mayor Curry and Jacksonville City Council

Take Down All Confederate Monuments!

Take Down All Confederate Monuments!

Jacksonville, like other cities, is removing statues and renaming schools that celebrate and honor those who fought a civil war to maintain the enslavement of African people.
Our Mayor has removed just one statue, but promised to remove them all.
We the people of Jacksonville FL will not forget. We want to see action on this promise, not let it fade away. We are also asking 6 confederate school names be changed. The symbolism of taking down these offensive monuments and names that honor the genocide of slavery is an important step in showing that the city is serious about hearing our voices for systemic change.

By signing this petition you will be joining many across this nation that recognize the removal of Confederate statues and changing school names honoring enslavers is the beginning of a national healing process regarding race.

Please sign our petition! Thank you!

Why is this important?

Black people have been living in the shadow of these confederates for far too long. It’s time to get over the Lost Cause and respect our Black Brothers and Sisters.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • This shouldn’t even be a question. Confederate monuments and statues should have already been removed. We shouldn’t need to petition individually for each to be removed. They should already be gone!
  • Confederate Monuments that are still standing is just reminding Black People that racism is still here to stay. It is a reminder of all of the hatred that our ancestors, from Africa to Black Americans, that says , yes we did this , so what. These monuments reminds us of all the mistreatment that Slaves and Black people had and still have to endure. It is a slap in our face. Get rid of those statues! Now!
  • Negative painful reminders of our history should be put in a museum


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