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To: Walton County Commissioner’s, Walton County Judges, Mayor John Howard, Representative Jody Hice, Governor Kemp

Help us F.O.R.M by removing confederate monument!

Help us F.O.R.M by removing confederate monument!

We must put in the work to dismantle white supremacy, starting with tearing down the statues that worship Confederate generals and monuments that give credence to Confederate “causes” throughout Monroe, GA.
These statues need to be removed forever!! They can place them in a museum, but we DO NOT want them in our communities any longer. They are contemptible symbols of white supremacy, racism, and murder. We cannot allow them to shelter racists any longer.

Why is this important?

This country was founded on white supremacy and white supremacy still runs it.  Confederate monuments were not erected as “memorials” directly after the Civil War, but instead to terrorize Black people seeking to exist in public places and cast their rightful votes in the Jim Crow era.
In 1946 and in 1981, five black individuals were brutally murdered by the KKK in Monroe, Ga Justice has yet to be served for these families. These Confederate monuments attract vile, violent white nationalists in Monroe and continue to be a danger to our communities.

Reasons for signing

  • Because we don't need Confederate statues in the city of Monroe Georgia
  • I’m tired of the constant reminder of how evil my ancestors were, and my peers still are. I want symbols that empower the black community to flood the streets so we can get a little closer to “equality”; the idea we all claim to believe in.
  • It needs to be replaced with something peaceful, kind represent love not hate.


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